Access Control System

Access control system has become increasingly important for organizations to keep their employees and buildings secure. Whether you need to manage access through the authorization or revocation of rights to physical or logical assets within an organization, or regulate the flow of people across a site. Reda Technology Limited with partnerships of the world’s leading access control manufacturers offers a variety of stand-alone and network access control systems to help you get the best performance.

Our access control systems can incorporate a comprehensive staff database to grant or revoke access to designated areas by status, time of day, or day of the year. It control entry to your business or facility and secures your building or sensitive area with specialized credentials, advance readers, alarm systems and reporting software.

The system design takes in a number of particular factors:

  • The level of security required
  • The number of total users in the system
  • The number of total doors in the system
  • The method of access and exit
  • The forms of authentication
  • The level of management control required
  • Aesthetics and user friendliness

Key Components

A list of key products that combine to provide a complete access control system. Technical details are in here as well.

Reda Technology Limited provides wide range of intelligent, standalone and networked controller to manage all the access control devices function in a secure manner. For example, authorize access management, alarm signal management, time schedule automation etc. Our back end system also contains redundant power backup.
Reda Technology Limited provides card reader with various credential technologies such as Prox, iCLASS, MIFARE etc. Apart from these popular & secure solutions, we also provide wide range of sophisticated technologies & secure solutions to deliver the most high end & secure products to our customers.
Reda Technology Limited provides a high quality of electric lock and installation service, which only triggered by authorized card access and secure side door release. We also provide some specific requirement such as schedule lock / unlock automation to achieve the user’s need.
We provide easy to use security software with experienced designs. Enable you to assign & delete the card users, modify the automatic schedule and many high end system operations.
Reda Technology Limited provides indoor & outdoor readers with high end technology and favorable outlook. Capacity sensing technologies & mechanical switching technologies are available for the users for wide range of flexibilities.
Reda Technology Limited provides high quality barrier and turnstiles system with anti-pass back & flow monitoring in advance. Force entering & IN/OUT activities can be monitored also.
Reda Technology Limited provides a high quality emergency access devices. Materials are highly qualified with conformities. Which provide the users to access the doors efficiently in an emergency case.
Reda Technology Limited provides a user friendly visitor management system with easy to understand UI and operation advantage. To print a dedicated visitor badges for visitors to present a good image to your visitors.

Typical Applications

Click here to have a look on the entry level, mid-level & high level access control system. To see which levels suite your needs.

A common entry level system include one or several intelligent access reader, or entry level panels including several doors. Usually it will be integrated with burglar alarm system for door alarm triggering.
A common mid-level system include a central server, which connect with several commercial grade control panel to monitor up to hundreds of doors located at several sites. Normally those commercial grade system can manage up to thousands of cards without any issue.
A typical infrastructural grade can monitor thousands of doors and cards of multiple site. Card credential, high end technologies, system integration, high level design of system redundancy, networking will be adopted to achieve the end user’s specifications & requirements.