Burglar Alarm System

Reda Technology Limited alarm system provide a remote & local protection in an efficient way. In situation of personal break in, force entry, and attacks, we provide a tailor make and professional design to provide a safety environment for our clients.

Key Components

Reda Technology Limited provide various kind of products to suit different user’s needs.

We provide different kinds of security sensors to suite different kinds of detection. For example: Magnetic door contact, tamper switch, emergency panic button, motion detector, Acoustic glass break detectors, vibration sensor, seismic detector etc.
Magnetic door contact is used to sense the opening / closing of the doors / windows. Different kinds of doors / windows can be applied with the use of different kinds of sensors.
Tamper switch protect the sensors & panel enclosure to prevent the devices from tampering. Normally, alarm will be triggered once the sensors are dismantled or the system enclosures are force opened.
Emergency panic button plays an important roles in the alarm system design. Normally, this sensor has a relatively high priority for the alarm signal operators. Once it is triggered, normally the alarm manage operators will call the police directly or dispatch a person to have an on-site checking.
Motion detector provide a traditional but effective detection in alarm system. It provide a large area detection for each device. Once a person is detected with the security zone armed, the alarm system will be triggered. Nowadays, various technologies are applied for this. For example, pet immunity, low false alarm rate in outdoor environment, anti-masking.
Reda Technology Limited provides automatic management of the alarm zones. When the system is disarmed, low and middle priority security zones are not triggered. Except the high priority zones (panic button for example). It will be triggered even the system is disarmed. When the system is armed, any security zones can trigger the alarm system and will turn on the alarm sounders and transmit the alarm message to the 24 hours central station.

Keypad takes an important role to facilitate the user’s daily operation. Make it simpler and more efficient.

For example, users know whether the doors are open / closed without visiting the doors one by one. Instead, users can access all the door / windows status with the use of alarm keypad.

Reda Technology Limited provides different kinds of alarm sounders for the system to work effectively. Outdoor / indoor / chime sounders are available with wired / wireless technologies.

We provide wide range of alarm communication technologies to suite the client’s needs. For example, PSTN communication, TCP/IP communication, lease line communication, GSM communication etc.

PSTN also known as telephone line for everyone, its high availability make it popular even in nowadays. Regular automatic detection is available to regular check the on / off line status.

TCP/IP revolute the security world and greatly improve the speed & security in communication. Alarm messages are encrypted and transmitted to the alarm management center for further interpreting. It has a remarkable transmission speed so that the signal is almost received immediately.

Lease line communication provide a specific communication line to the users to act as a transmission media of the alarm system. It is highly reliable and stable. Therefore, it is necessary for most of the high risk environment for the insurance contracts.

GSM communication provide a simple and fast solution for the users to protect their premises where the wireless network is covered.

Typical Applications

We classified different scales of the alarm system into different scale levels to efficiently design the solution which is the best fit to our client’s requirements.

Different scale level and complexity of the burglar alarm system cover different kinds of needs of the client’s real situation.

Entry level alarm system target to residential & small commercial scale needs. Normally it is a network alarm system with internal / external sounders and connect to every kinds of security zones. When the alarm is triggered, sounder is triggered and the corresponding alarm signal is sent to the central alarm monitoring center.
This level of system normally integrate the door access control system to monitor the door status at the same time. When the alarm is triggered, the alarm message is transmitted to the central station in real time. The alarm operator will design whether police will be dispatched according to the alarm priority and real situation.
This high level system provide a redundancy topologies for the client sites. If the duty system tail accidentally, the standby system will stand out and replace the duty system. Therefore, reliable functioning can be achieved. For example, GSM will be set up as redundant communication path and the PSTN networks belong to the duty communication technologies. Also, we will also provide an alarm signal monitoring station for security guard to monitor the signals on site. So that they can provide the optional alarm response once the alarm is triggered.