Public Address System

Public address system (PA system in short) provide background music, pre-recorded messages broadcast and microphone broadcast. Service area including public areas, office lobby, lift lobbies, lift car, toilets, car park, perimeter, airport etc.

Key Components

Reda Technology Limited provide the highest quality product brand and installation service to provide a high quality system delivery.

The most important role of the system is the PA speaker. We provide indoor/outdoor PA speaker for actual condition of the installation. We also provide speaker with fire proof conformity to fit the project specifications.
This device is to transmit the digital announcement message: emergency announcement or all-call-messages to the amplifiers. The voice message is uploaded to the central workstation then download to digital announcer. Normally, announcing message is triggered by sensor and other third party system.
It can process the predefined sounds and pass to the amplifiers. With the help of the amplifier zones. The sound signal can be managed to be relayed to different group of speakers.
We provide high quality, robust & stable call station to our clients. To receive a high quality sound, sensitivity, limiter and parametric equalizer can be controlled to achieve this.
It provide power for the PA speakers to function. Different loading of amplifiers are available according to the system scale. Also, amplifiers groups PA speakers into several groups called zone. PA zone can monitor the groups of speakers in a manageable way. We provide rack mount/non rack mount device according to our client’s requirement.
Computer network make the traditional system easy to implement and operate. It can adopt the networking system to expend the system coverage and provide a relatively high secure voice transmission.
Depend on the system scale level, it can be a server or workstation computer. It response entire system configuration, system diagnosis, database management and system monitoring.

Typical Applications

We classified different scales of the public address system into different scale levels to efficiently design the solution which is the best fit to our client’s requirements.

Small PA system target to residential & small commercial scale needs. Normally it includes microphones, amplifiers and indoor / outdoor speakers. Sound players often supplied for the client to load the pre-recorded sounds and broadcast to the system.
Large PA system usually adopted in infrastructure facilities. For example, schools, hospitals, buildings, airports etc. Usually it integrate with the alert system for fire announcement. So that the emergency announcement will be triggered once the fire alarm system receive the sensor signals.